Implications of a machine economy

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How methane emitting cattle can actually help solve Australian bushfires

The news of Australian bushfires is heartbreaking. And the Australian PM’s response is infuriating. Not just in regards to the direct measures taken, but also as to the cause of the fires and its future mitigation. All the more because there are solutions that not only protect the environment against such disasters, but bring economic benefits as well.The irony is that the solution has...

Algorithms inspired by swarm behaviour

With autonomous machines you almost automatically touch on swarming. But what is swarming? There are two ways of looking at it: how and why. By imitating the how, we might get some nice optimizations, but the why is where the real benefits are. Locust preventing collisions Locust filter out excess stimuli to have enough brain capacity to react to relevant signals. It only recognizes movements...

Implications of a machine economy