Implications of a machine economy


How to decentralize – Part II

Is it possible to have distributed networks with the convenience of centralized services? Especially when centralized services seem the most practical option? Think of Google, WhatsApp and Facebook, but also institutions like banks and governments. Despite all the data leaks, micro-targeting, surveillance, and privacy intrusions, these services are pretty damn convenient to use. And they’re...

The importance of feeless transactions for decentralization

With Coordicide coming along well, IOTA is progressing into becoming the most decentralized protocol in the crypto space and IoT. This is in part thanks to its feeless transactions, a fundamental feature for a free and fair future for both man and machine. The text below was originally part of How to decentralize – Part II, but felt a bit contrived there. However, these two posts compliment each...

Implications of a machine economy