Implications of a machine economy


Why decentralization? – Part I

Why is decentralization so important? It's what cryptocurrency seems to be all about. Yet I couldn’t really put my finger on what it means exactly, or why it is important. Neither could anyone I asked.

In three posts, I'm trying to get a grip on why decentralization feels intuitively correct, while at the same time being hard to characterize.

How methane emitting cattle can actually help solve Australian bushfires

The news of Australian bushfires is heartbreaking. And the Australian PM’s response is infuriating. Not just in regards to the direct measures taken, but also as to the cause of the fires and its future mitigation. All the more because there are solutions that not only protect the environment against such disasters, but bring economic benefits as well.The irony is that the solution has...

The opportunity cost of gadgets in the fight against climate change

Technology can be our savior in averting extreme climate change. But technology will not do that by default, because in the end it is just another tool that has to be handled properly to be useful. Using the wrong tech, or using the tech wrong will result in opportunity costs that harm its potential. Instead, before solving the tech we must better define what the tech should solve. In this post...

Envisioning a new society

We are all children of our time. Everything we have today is normal to us, but this is an illusion. Hot water from the tap wasn’t there 50 years ago, in some areas not even running water. Houses from the eighties have very few sockets, compared to the current demand. Cabling for internet or tv isn’t tucked away nicely into the wall. We are now taking steps towards a machine economy. At...

Implications of a machine economy