Implications of a machine economy

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Reframing abundance for a sustainable economy

Abundance is one of the promises that comes with renewable energy. “If only we had enough energy, we could get anything we want.” But is that true? And can that be true for everyone in the world? Without destroying the world as we know it? This post goes deeper into psychological and philosophical side of abundance, as opposed to the technical side. Because if we frame it right...

Envisioning a new society

We are all children of our time. Everything we have today is normal to us, but this is an illusion. Hot water from the tap wasn’t there 50 years ago, in some areas not even running water. Houses from the eighties have very few sockets, compared to the current demand. Cabling for internet or tv isn’t tucked away nicely into the wall. We are now taking steps towards a machine economy. At...

Implications of a machine economy