Implications of a machine economy

How will it affect human lives, when autonomous machines have their own economy?

Scroll down for some of our takes on the implications of a machine economy.

Availability – not ownership – for items we don’t use much

To have everything our heart desires is a primitive drive in life. But our ecological footprint is problematic as it is already. Our environment cannot sustain ever increasing consumption. And that’s with an existing inequality in material possessions in the world right now. What happens when Southeast Asia and Africa go to western levels of consumption or above? We argue that the solution...

Why decentralization? – Part I

Why is decentralization so important? It's what cryptocurrency seems to be all about. Yet I couldn’t really put my finger on what it means exactly, or why it is important. Neither could anyone I asked.

In three posts, I'm trying to get a grip on why decentralization feels intuitively correct, while at the same time being hard to characterize.

Talking forests: inspiration for resilient machine ecosystems

Mycelium – the underground fungal network that connects trees in a forest – is nature’s own DLT . When designing machine ecosystems, mimicking the principles of these natural networks give us a good head start in creating resilient autonomous assets. We’ve looked at aspects of natural ecosystems as an inspiration before, but this time we dive deep into the inner workings of...

Implications of a machine economy